Robert "Bobby" Fredrick is Team Edge's manager and Director, but is also a regular member in their videos.

Quotes Edit

  • "I'm doing it for you, kids"
  • “Pacific Standard Time”
  • "I'm doing it for the views"
  •  "Trivia Time"
  •  "Weak Immune System"
  •  "This wasn't in the script."
  •  "Oh Man!"
  •  sushi burrito
  •   YO mama LOL

Trivia Edit

  • He is Matthias' and J-Fred's cousin.
  • His brother is Billy, who also works in the office.
  • He has his own office in the red base of Hi5 Studios
  • There are many jokes of him being a fish.
  • He has a fishing instagram account @thepresidentsfish.
  • He is of Japanese descent.
  • He is “6’5
  • He gets hit in the no no spot so many times
  • he is great at what he does and goes out and try to get the best work done he can.
  • He is the best Team Edge member.


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