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Hi-5 Studio is a company that is a YouTube In-House Multichannel Network garnering over 100 million in views monthly. It creates great shows that build loyal audiences. Their main area is in Santa Clarita, California.

Important People Edit

Matthew Fredrick (Matthias)- Chief Executive Officer  

Kevin "Keobi" Valle- Chief Operation Officer

Joseph Fredrick (J-Fred)- Chief Experience Officer

Bryan Valle- Chief Strategy Officer

Executive Assistants Edit

Ankush Bhasin- Executive Assistant to the COO


**Jennifer Owen- Executive Assistant to CEO

Domarina Danipour- Executive Assistant to CEO


Tanner Malmedal- Supervising Producer

Dave Gruchacz- Producer of Matthias

Patrick Jones- Producer of REKT

Joshua "Gunner" Gomez- Producer of REKT

Paul Kennedy- Producer of Get Good Gaming

Robert Emmert- Producer of Battle Universe

Ashley Devan- Producer of Fail Time!

Connor Melville- Producer for Get Good Gaming

Woodland "Woods" Demars Producer for Hi5 Studios (Channel)


Nicholle Devan- Supervising Producer

Nicholle Devan- Producer/Showrunner of (MISSING?)

Paul Kennedy- Video Producer of (MISSING?)

C.J. Osorio- Producer of Battle Universe

Joshua "Gunner" Gomez- Producer for Matt & Amanda

Connor Melville- Producer of Get Good Gaming

Tanner Malmedal- Producer of REKT

**Josh Thompson- Producer of Battle Universe

**Devyn LaBella- Producer/Showrunner of Battle Universe

Production Assistant Edit

Elizabeth "Lis" O'Keefe- Production Assistant for Matthias (Specializes in Pre-Production)

Catherine Rose - Production Assistant

Lillianna Craighead- Production Assistant


Robert Emmert- Production Assistant

C.J. Osorio- Production Assistant

Woodland "Woods" Demars- Production Assistant

**Elizabeth Garcia- Production Assistant

Creative Director Edit

Paul Kennedy- Creative Supervisor

Michael Talamantez- Creative Director for Matthias

Joshua "Gunner" Gomez- Creative Director for REKT


C.J. Osorio- Art Director for Battle Universe

**Brian "James" Dotin- Creative Director of Battle Universe

Editors Edit

Corey Holland- Video Editor for Team Edge

Patrick Jones- Video Editor for REKT

Will (?)- Editor for Battle Universe

Cameron Gates- Editor for Get Good Gaming and DOPE or NOPE

Quinn Fulmer- Editor for Matthias Vlogs

Woodland "Woods" Demars- Editor for Hi5 Studios

Joe (?)- ?

Jake (?)- Fail Time!


Robert Emmert- Editor for Hi5 Studios

**Elliot LaCour- Lead Editor (Previously, FT Video Editor)

**Shota Ishizawa- Lead Editor for Matthias

**Aaron Minderhout- Lead Editor for Matthias


Sophia Mavrides- Web and Graphic Designer

Shannon Wilzbach- Senior Graphic Designer


**Rachel Corbett- Graphic Designer for [[Battle Universe]]

Rina Moskalenko- Thumbnail Designer

Audio Edit

Michael Badal- Head of Audio Department AND Composer

Woodland "Woods" Demars- Live Sound (Audio) Technician (Recorder)

Cameraman Edit

Mitchell "Mitch" Kerby- Camerman for Battle Universe, REKT, and Get Good Gaming

Whitney (?)- Camerawoman for Team Edge

Daniel "D.K" King- Cameraman for Team Edge

Robert Emmert- Camerman for Battle Universe

C.J. Osorio- Camerman for Battle Universe


Jeffrey "Jeff" Emmert- Camerman for Battle Universe

Joshua "Gunner" Gomez- Cameraman for Team Edge

Dave Gruchacz- Camerman for Team Edge

Sebastian Guerra- Camerman for Battle Universe

Marketing (Other) Edit

Bobby Fredrick- Senior Digital Marketing Director (Team Edge)

Natalie Dizayer- Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Team Edge)

Marina "Rina" Moskalenko- Marketing Coordinator

Ankush Bhasin- Influencer Relations Manager

Domarina Danipour- Influence Relations

Managers Edit

Nicholle Devan- Studio Manager

Robert "Bobby" Fredrick- Manager and Director of Team Edge


**James Dotin- Channel Manager of Battle Universe

**Josh Thompson- Brand Manager AND Channel Manager of (???)

Domarina Danipour- Brand Manager

Marina "Rina" Moskalenko- Social Media Manager

Battle Universe (Talent) Edit

C.J. Osorio

Samantha "Sam" Fekete

Bryan Valle

Joey "J-Fred" Fredrick

Paul Kennedy

Connor Melville

Matthias Fredrick


**Mariah Monroe

Tanner Malmedal

REKT (Talent) Edit

Joshua "Gunner" Gomez

Tanner Malmedal

Woodland ("Woods") Demars


**Mariah Monroe

Get Good Gaming (Talent) Edit

Tanner Malmedal

Connor Melville

Paul Kennedy

Matthew "Matthias" Fredrick

Woodland ("Woods") Demars

C.J. Osorio

Matthias (Talent)  Edit

Matthew "Matthias" Fredrick

Tanner Malmedal


Bryan Valle

**Mariah Monroe

Connor Melville

Paul Kennedy

Samantha "Sam" Fekete

DOPE or NOPE (Talent)  Edit

Matthew "Matthias" Fredrick

Tanner Malmedal

Michael Talamantez

Team Edge (Talent) Edit

Bryan Valle

Joseph "J-Fred" Fredrick

Robert "Bobby" Fredrick

Matthew "Matthias" Fredrick


Connor Melville

Joshua "Gunner" Gomez

Kevin "Keobi" Valle

Team Edge Gaming (Talent) Edit

Previous: Connor Melville

**Mariah Monroe

Bryan Valle

Paul Kennedy

Fail Time! Edit

Battle Universe Crew


Matthias (Channel) / DOPE or NOPE Crew

Hi5 Studios Crew

Other Jobs Edit

Michael Terranova- Software Engineer

Joe Burak- Freelance Artist

Chuck Brewster - Art Director for REKT, REKT Builder, Safety

**Arpine (Arpi) Ter-Galstanyan- HR Generalist (Contractor)

Unknown (Hi5 Studios) Edit Edit

  • Israel "Izzy" Nobre- Interior Design
  • Miranda (?)-
  • Daniel (?)- ?
  • Mike (?)-?
  • MatthiasGo to Matthias
  • J-FredGo to J-Fred
  • BryanGo to Bryan
  • KevinGo to Kevin
  • Marvin
  • Tanner
  • GunnerGo to Gunner
  • PaulGo to Paul
  • ConnorGo to Connor
  • SamGo to Sam
  • MariahGo to Mariah
  • BobbyGo to Bobby
  • BillyGo to Billy
  • MichaelGo to Michael Badal
  • Dave
  • Michael Talamentez
  • Woods
  • CJ
  • Aaron
  • Patrick
  • CoreyGo to Corey
  • Ankush
  • Cameron
  • Rina
  • Lis
  • Shannon
  • Mitch
  • Jen
  • Rachel
  • Rob
  • Nicholle
  • Domarina
  • Will (Editor for BU)
  • Catherine
  • Ashley
  • Josh Thompson
  • Quinn
  • Natalie
  • Andrew Creme
  • Devyn
  • Elliot
  • Rachel Corbett